Mercedes’ AMG division has been let loose on the A-Class, the result, the A35 AMG

The current generation A-Class has rapidly become one of Mercedes Benz’s most popular models out of its current line up. Its recipe of a range of versatile engines, premium interiors and everyday usability has made it a desirable car across many market segments but now, Mercedes is about to take things up a gear…

The first incarnation of the Mercedes Benz A-Class was somewhat of a commercial flop for the German marque, an odd boxy shape and a style that quickly dated, it’s no surprise that the team in Stuttgart when back to the drawing board. Fast forward a few years from when the pen was first put to paper in the design studio and you could say all is forgiven for the first generation car.

Upon launch, the new A-Class quickly drew critical acclaim from the automotive press and motorists alike. A sharp, well designed and capable hatchback, it gives Mercedes the perfect platform on which to take on their rivals head-on. Not satisfied with taking on the likes of the 1 Series and A3, Mercedes is set to up the ante and set its sights on toppling the likes of the Volkswagen Golf R. That’s the ambition, but what of the car we hear you ask. Well, essentially it’s the acclaimed A-Class recipe but pushed in every boundary.

First up, let’s address the styling. Whilst the A-Class has always been a stylish hatchback, the AMG A35 screams power and performance. From those larger front and rear aprons which sport enlarged bulges and slashes, most notably at the front, to the large front splitter and unmissable rear wing, it’s clear that the AMG A35 is being taken down a more aggressive development route, and it looks the part too. DTM style aerodynamic fairings and a large diffuser also appear as headline features whilst the stance of this machine is finished by sitting on 18inch alloy wheels.

The AMG A35 is far more than a design exercise. The powertrain has also been on the receiving end of some attention meaning that it can deliver a sub 5 seconds to 62 mph time at 4.7 seconds. That’s over a second quicker than the Honda Civic Type R and the same time as the current generation Ford Focus RS. All of this comes from a four-cylinder turbocharged engine which is capable of churning out 302 bhp.

Another key advancement over the standard A-Class is the A35’s capable four-wheel drive set up which can be switched from front wheel drive.

The headline tech that is so prominent from Mercedes Benz at the moment is also present. This car receives the enormous twin touchscreen setup with MBUX.

Debuting for proper at the upcoming Paris Motorshow, expect to see this machine on UK shores early in 2019. In the meantime, if you are looking for Mercedes Benz ownership, please visit our website where you’ll discover a fantastic selection of vehicles for sale.