The Audi E-Tron SUV is here and looks set to make its mark

The sea shift in the automotive industry is seeing more and more focus aimed towards the electric sector of the market. With rival car makers such as Tesla stealing an early march, the likes of Audi have been playing catch up in a race to top the EV stakes. The upcoming Paris Motorshow will see Audi present it’s first all-electric SUV, the E-Tron.

It’s something that has been muted to be in the works for some time now, but Audi is about to launch their first, purely all-electric vehicle and it’s perfectly placed to take advantage of some current industry trends. Given that the motoring public has gone SUV crazy over the last couple of years and then given the increasing awareness and versatility of electric cars, Audi is looking to succeed with the E-Tron where other car makers may have failed to gain momentum.

In the face of increasing competition from the likes of Tesla, with the Model X and Jaguar, with the IPace, the E-Tron looks set to take the EV fight straight to these manufacturers front door, but what is it and what can we expect?

Visually speaking you could be forgiven for thinking that electric motors have just been nestled inside the chassis of one of Audi’s existing Q models, but this is where you would be wrong. Whilst this car isn’t as outlandish or flashy as it’s counterparts, this could well be a good thing as past EV’s have had a tendency to look a little too ‘out there’ for some buyers so this factor may help the E-Tron succeed where others may have failed. Whilst the design is similar to the Q range, the body has been extensively reworked to achieve a better drag coefficient. Drag is a dirty word for EV’s and needs to be minimised at all costs to achieve better battery performance and ultimately, range.

So we know it looks the part and its design is of real purpose, but how does this thing perform? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that it doesn’t lack any potency. Utilising dual motors for a 300kw output, this roughly translates to 402 bhp in old money which means a standstill to 62 mph time of fewer than six seconds can be achieved.

Harnessing this power means dramatic efficiencies have had to be made and aside from the low drag design, items such as wing mirrors have been replaced in preference of small cameras which will beam back images of what lurks beside and behind you to intern screens. This is just one of many examples of the low drag measures being drafted in to achieve stronger battery performance.

Whilst other electric SUV’s may have arrived in a greater fanfare, the E-Tron looks like a genuine and realistic attempt at getting the EV recipe right and it will be interesting to see how this machine performs on the world stage.

We look forward to witnessing the first iterations of this machine rolling over our forecourt soon, however in the meantime, you may be interested in browsing our extensive range of quality used Audi’s over on our website, here.