Audi set to go all electric with zero emission E-Tron SUV

With increasing pressure from an environmental standpoint, government legislation is increasingly driving manufacturers down the route of alternative fuels and electrification. Whilst Audi already offer hybrid models, the upcoming all-electric E-Tron looks set to bolster the cause for electric motoring.

Traditionally all-electric vehicles sported unsightly bodywork and design so outlandish that in an effort to look futuristic may have actually put off motorists from purchasing. Whether this assessment is unfair or not is up for debate as early electric vehicles had to be designed in such a way to cope with the significant cooling demands for the battery packs and the electric powertrain as a whole. As understanding in electrification has gathered momentum, so has the refinement in the technology meaning that all the technical gubbins of modern electric cars can sit more comfortably under more contemporary body styles.

The new E-Tron SUV is the epitome of advances in electric vehicle technology for Audi as it see’s the convenience and comfort of its current SUV range, whilst receiving all the benefits of the latest in electrification. As an all-electric vehicle, the E-Tron see’s some notable difference from a visual perspective to that of its other models in the SUV range.

Most notable is the refinement to the front end. As there is no traditional radiator as such to cool the engine, the packaging demands at the front of the E-Tron are much less demanding, therefore the grille and front bumper have been on the receiving end of some small refinements which give this SUV a modern refresh and sets the tone for Audi’s latest design philosophy. Visually the rest of the car bears all of the hallmarks of the rest of the current Audi range, however, it’s the interior and mechanicals that have witnessed the largest changes.

Featuring interactive driver displays, the interior is a technological masterclass to match the mechanical underpinnings. Digital information screens replace the traditional instruments clusters of old and provide the driver with a wealth of information at their fingertips. Whilst the interior headline is all about its technology, the quality and premium feel that Audi has become synonymous with remains.

From a technology point of view, the Audi E-Tron is powered by a dual-motor powertrain using a 95 kWh lithium-ion battery which is capable of 150 kW DC fast charging. This would make the E-Tron’s fast charging  30kW more rapid than Tesla’s Supercharger network. With a muted range of 248-miles, this is an electric car that is at home on both short and long distance journeys.

With the first of Audi’s E-Tron set to the hit the roads during the latter of part of 2018, it looks set to take the likes of Tesla’s Model X and Jaguars I-Pace head on. If you are in the market for a Premium SUV at Big Motoring World we have a wide selection to choose from. Be sure to visit our website for our full stock list.