This is the best car in the world. It’s quite a claim, we know, but it’s one that Mercedes-Benz themselves make for the S-Class and one that we’re completely willing to get behind here at Big Motoring World. This is a car that has been at the pinnacle in its own very special segment of the industry for a long time – and with this latest iteration the team at Mercedes-Benz have only improved on the best.

So what makes the 2018 version of the S-Class so special?

Making the best better

We’ll start under the bonnet first – the S450 S-Class now boasts a 3 litre V-6 engine with twin turbochargers, while the S550 now has a V-8 with a pair of turbos. These new engines have boosted the amount of power you get, and combined with a new automatic transmission and the 4MATIC+ all-wheel-drive this now really is the complete package.

One of the biggest areas of improvement – over an already very polished offering – is just how far Mercedes-Benz have managed to take the S-Class’s cruise control. For a vehicle that is probably going to spend a lot of time on fast roads, shuttling top executives from meeting to meeting, this is a welcome feature – cruise will now guide you through corners (which we’ll admit takes a little getting used to) – but the new semi-autonomous steering assist will now also help you to change lanes. Once you’ve hit the indicator the system will take over and move you over safely – but only if the lane next to you is clear of course.

A remarkable achievement

Beyond all of the technological advances, the interior and the overall driving experience is still as sumptuous as it always has been – it’s hard to refine an experience that was already pretty special, but we think that Mercedes-Benz might have just managed it with the new S-Class.