Could the BMW 7-Series be the most hi-tech car of all time aside from the ones found in a James Bond movie? The new top-of-the-range BMW model has plenty of high-class features, including remote control parking – as seen by James Bond in his BMW in the 1997 film ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’.  Big Motoring World reviews it a little further.


The German manufacturers are targeting the luxury market with the release of this model. The back seats have an inbuilt cinema, whilst in the front the seats are massaging seats and gesture controls so that the driver can adjust settings including the radio and incoming phone calls, with the wave of their hand.

And it’s not just inside the car which defies modern technology. The car has a sleek carbon fibre body that makes it 190 lbs (89kg) lighter than its predecessor, along with a more powerful and more efficient V-8 engine which generates 445 horsepower. An ‘adaptive mode’ will match the car’s driving style with the road in front of you, including a more comfortable experience on a rough country road, and a sporty style on a smooth motorway.


It really is the inside of this model which sets it apart from BMW’s usual competitors. The Executive Lounge “redefines personal well-being in a luxury car” says a BMW spokesperson. That is proven by the spacious back seats packed with gadgets, as well as various features in the front. There is also automatic air conditioning and electronically adjustable seats.

A footrest allows lounging in the back in extreme comfort, with reclining available to a near-horizontal position. And a removable seven-inch tablet, known as the ‘Touch Command System’, is held in a table in between the rear seats which allows passengers to play games, access the internet and change the car radio.

The main feature for this car is, of course, the self-parking feature which allows owners to move in or out of parking spaces and garages without anyone behind the wheel. For more details on this, read our previous article on this feature.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, all this technology and luxury comes at a cost. Prices start at £52,500 and the car will launch this autumn. However, this is for the ‘basic’ model and the price of the optional extras has not been revealed. It really is a price worth paying if you are in the high-end of the automobile market. It’s cheaper than its rivals and should be the supreme car of the industry for a few years.

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