The new BMW 7 Series is the largest model that BMW have ever produced, with an increase in technology and performance. Here, Big Motoring World reviews the model in full.


Whilst the 730d may be the bulkiest car of BMW’s history, it’s actually 130kg lighter than the previous version. That is down to the carbon fibre which makes up much of its construction. The Mercedes S-Class has long been renowned as the executive limousine of choice, but this latest 7 Series is designed to really challenge it on all fronts.


The external design of the car hasn’t particularly varied from previous models, but a few elegant changes have been made. BMW say the target market for the model aren’t people who intend to draw attention to themselves with this car. However, you do you can add the M Sport pack for an additional cost if you want that little bit extra.


The cabin is defined by soft Nappa leather, varnished wood and brushed metals which give it an elitist driving experience. There’s also Wi-Fi included, with two optional 10-inch TV screens, a Blu-ray drive and massage chairs which add comfort to the car. Of course, with all new BMWs there is the gesture control technology, another smart addition to the vehicle.


The 730d has been designed to be as captivating to drive as it is to relax comfortably in, and it firmly delivers on both fronts.

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