Big Motoring World is excited to learn that Apple have entered negotiations with BMW to use its electric i3 car as the basis for their latest project. Apple was recently named the largest technological company in the world by Forbes, beating the likes of Microsoft and Google, but now they’re setting their sights on entering the automotive industry.


Project Titan

There has been much speculation as to whether Apple are seriously developing their own car but recent appointments would suggest they are. Project Titan was reportedly given the green light by CEO Tim Cook 18 months ago, and recent reports suggest that it has grown to form a team of several hundred employees led by motoring industry veterans from the likes of Ford, and Fiat Chrysler.

The project is believed to be headed by the company’s Vice President Steve Zadesky, who coincidently has a great passion for cars and was an engineer at Ford before moving to Apple. Further to this The Wall Street Journal  reports that the American giants have now hired Doug Betts and Paul Furgale. Betts is an automotive executive from Fiat Chrysler, he has spent nearly 30 years in the industry and is an expert in manufacturing. Furgale is regarded as one of the leading autonomous-vehicle researchers in Europe, it’s thought that charge of recruiting talented robotics and machine experts for the project.

Why the i3?

According to German publication Manager Magazin, Apple are interested in using the BMW i3’s carbon fibre-reinforced-plastic frame for their vehicle. The BMW i3 a five-door hatchback urban electric car that has been in production since 2013. It’s a car that has won huge praise for both its design and its environmentally friendly impact, so it is no surprise that it has also captured the attention of Apple.

Big Motoring World

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