Big Motoring World Review: BMW M5 Competition

The BMW M5. Arguably the founding father of the BMW M Brand that we know and love today. It was 1980 and the technical bod’s at BMW were getting their heads around shoehorning a 3.5-Litre engine into one of their mid-sized saloons. That mid-size saloon was the BMW 5 Series and what was created was one of the most potent saloon cars in history. Now there is a new, even more, aggressive version.

The saloon car pin-up, the M5 is the go-to, the daddy, the automotive benchmark when it comes to performance saloons. Famed for its love of outrageous power, road handling and its ability to be used on a daily basis but yet turn into a car with race car performance at just the squeeze of a throttle, it has always received critical acclaim.

But what of the new version, has the essence of the M5 of old been lost and has a once colossus of the automotive world been tamed? Absolutely not. The new M5 has lost none of that performance car poise and ability. Let’s take a look.

The M5 has long been a car that drives like it has been set up by someone who knows exactly how a performance saloon should handle and it’s clear that BMW has utilised their nearly 40 year M experience with the latest iteration of the breed. For a car that weighs nearly two tonnes and is sizeable in length the way that this thing goes around corners is admirable. It’s planted and inspires a level of confidence to the driver that cars in a similar bracket could only dream of.

It’s a powerful beast too. The Competition variant see’s the addition of 25 bhp to that of the standard M5 which means power output now sits at a mighty 617 bhp. That translates to performance figures of a standstill to 62 mph time of 3.3 seconds and will carry you on to an eye-watering top speed of 190, yes 190 mph if you opt to have this derestricted. Consider that this car is something you could accommodate your weekly shop, your Golf clubs and a child seat and it literally beggars belief what BMW have been able to produce here.

What about the looks? Well naturally as with all cars from all manufacturers over past couple of decades, cars are getting bigger and bigger and the new M5 is certainly imposing. Its long elongated profile is eye-catching and also allows for increased interior space. The competition specification see’s a raft of exterior tweaks and witnesses revised front and rear bumpers, that angular and more aggressive dual kidney grille and more profiled front wings.

This level of details and performance feel continues into the cabin where you are greeted with a driver-centric feel to all of the dashboard positioning and contemporary and sporty details to the steering wheel and dashboard by the likes of tactile and attractive trim pieces.

The BMW M5 Competition is a true drivers car of which is at home at both a track day and the daily commute. A refinement of the breed which has seen additional power extracted makes this a stunning machine.

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