Big Motoring World know that parking can be the most stressful part of driving. Well, thanks to BMW, those days may be soon to be over.

BMW have revealed the world’s first self-parking car with the new 7-Series which can be controlled from a key fob.

The car’s not yet been revealed to the public – at least without it’s camo wrapping – just yet, but if you’re rubbish at parking then you will be delighted to hear this news!

Get out and see for yourself

The car uses sensors all around the body as it takes full control of the steering, gear changes, accelerator and the brakes as it parks itself. That means that you will be able to manoeuvre into  spaces that may not necessarily have been possible before.

BMW have already revealed a car with self-parking features – the i3 electric car which is similar to vehicles from Volvo and Audi – but this is the first car in the world which will let you park the car without actually being inside.

Bosch has also previously revealed a feature that allows you to park the car from an app on your mobile phone, but it’s not yet known whether BMW will take the same approach for the 7-Series.

When you’re parallel parking, you will still need a driver on board in case of emergency, but the car can still go through the motions to be parked without your input.

We will have to wait

The bad news is, we may have to wait a few more years for this technology to become legal and feasible in the UK. Under current laws most countries, including the UK, state that you cannot manoeuvre without a driver in the car. That law is unlikely to change before the car’s release next year, but of course you can still park in a garage on your own land.

The price has not yet been announced, but the current model starts at £61,000 and could run up to just over £100,000.

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