We can’t wait for BMW to start releasing their Series 8 cars in 2018. Industry portal Autocar writes that a convertible version of this highly-anticipated model was recently seen being tested by the company in Germany, shedding some light on what we can expect from the BMW Series 8.

Landmark year

2018 is set to be a landmark year for BMW. During this year, BMW will release its next generation Series 3. Codenamed G20, this car is set to feature top-of-the-range materials, a sportier look and increased fuel efficiency, among other things. In 2018, BMW will also unveil their new Series 8 line.

We already know that the incoming flagship model will be a two-door version of the brand’s Series 7 Coupe. We have now learned that this car’s convertible cousin, the vehicle that was recently seen in testing, will join it. The Series 8 Coupe will be released in 2018, when BMW stops producing the Series 6 Coupe, with the Series 8 Convertible following in 2019, replacing the Series 6 Convertible.

BMW Series 8

When it launches in 2018, BMW will aim to make the Series 8 a rival for the Mercedes-Benz S Class Coupe, especially when it comes to pricing. The model will also possess the same high-end technologies that BMW used in the Series 7, such as the latest, next generation self-driving features.

As the Series 8 Convertible was spotted in testing, we now know more about the model. It appears as though much of these vehicles will be covered in camouflage cladding. We can also guess that the model will come with considerable overall length, along with broadened versions of BMW’s iconic kidney grilles. Meanwhile, there could be upswept headlights at the front and trapezoidal exhaust tips under the slimline rear lights, but these features were disguised in the pictures and could be changed.

Autocar predicts that as the Series 8 is closely related to the Series 7, the two cars will possess the same engine. In other words, BMW will probably include an iPerformance-badged plug-in hybrid in the Series 8 range. Like the Series 7, this range could also feature an entry-level 3.0-litre six-cylinder diesel, a more performance-orientated 4.4-litre V8 from the 750i xDrive and an all-wheel drive. Evidence suggests that BMW will roll out a V12-engined Series 8 at a later date.

Great model

So with these shots, it looks as though the BMW Series 8 will be a landmark model. The brand should start releasing the Series 8 with the 830d, mirroring the Series 7’s practise of naming cars after the model’s digit, in 2018, so we don’t have too long to wait. One day, you might even be able to buy a used BMW Series 8 here at Big Motoring World, making real savings with this quality model.

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