Many consumers want to buy prestigious BMW cars, but they can’t afford a new one, so they buy second-hand instead. BMWs regularly make the UK’s fastest-selling used car rankings and new reports confirm that in January, one BMW was the first all-electric vehicle to earn this achievement…

Prestigious brand

It’s hard to underestimate just how prestigious the BMW brand is. In a recent study, which analysed Google car searches worldwide, BMW was crowned the UK’s most coveted car brand. It came second in the worldwide rankings and was one of the few labels to be the most searched-for brand in its domestic market (Germany). Clearly people just can’t resist buying top BMW vehicles!

BMW is also pretty good at moving with the times, to meet evolving consumer expectations. For example, the firm developed its ‘i’ sub-brand of plug in electric vehicles in 2011 to cater to increasingly environmentally-conscious consumers. BMW sold 100,000 i cars in the past three years and has set an ambitious goal for 2017, by pledging to sell 100,000 more i cars in a single year.

BMW 2016 i3

Experts believe that BMW’s i sales may be boosted in 2017 by the improved battery range on the latest version of the i3, arguably its most popular i model. This is the 2016 i3, which according to The Telegraph, contains one of the UK’s lightest, most efficient electric car batteries. This extended the i3’s NEDC-cycle range by a maximum of 50%, to 195 miles, allowing drivers to get more from their vehicle.

The i3 is the UK’s joint second-best selling battery electric vehicle (BEV), but it’s expensive, so people are increasingly buying used versions. The improved 2016 model seems to be particularly popular with consumers. New figures released by Auto Trader, an industry publication, indicate that the BMW 2016 i3 was the UK’s third best-selling used car in January 2017. It was the first all-electric car to enter these rankings and was only beaten by the 2013 Vauxhall Zafira MPV and the 2016 Hyundai i30 hatchback.

Major achievement

Commenting, an Auto Trader spokeswoman was quoted by the Stoke Sentinel, a regional news outlet, saying: “With its affordability and practicality it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the Zafira family favourite toped the UK list of fastest selling cars. However, what is surprising is the arrival of the first all-electric vehicle to enter the top ten list; the 2016 BMW i3 (Auto) was the UK’s third fastest selling car, taking an average of just 28 days to leave forecourts.

“It might only have a maximum range of 195 miles, but the 2016 BMW i3 has perhaps done more than any other all-electric vehicle to change public perception of battery powered cars. The introduction of an all- electric car into the fastest selling list is a very significant development as it demonstrates how the level of technology adoption by consumers is increasing; technology isn’t only influencing the way we buy cars, but also what we drive. With the technology and public perception of EVs improving every day, I’m confident we’ll see more of these cars feature on our top ten lists in the near future.”

Exciting future

The popularity of the BMW 2016 i3 shows just how far the i3 range has come. The i3 is constantly integrating technological advancements to improve the electric car driving experience and is helping change public perceptions of these vehicles, which is why demand for second-hand BMW 2016 i3s was so high in January 2017. We’re only at the beginning of the electric car revolution and BMW have a reputation for being technological innovators, so it’ll be exciting to see where they take the i3 from here!

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