Luxury German carmaker BMW is a car technology innovator. The brand plans, for example, to release Level 5 self-driving cars, which require no human input, by the early 2020s. If you’re thinking about buying one of these cars, check out the following five innovative technologies you can find in BMWs.

Connectivity tools

The newest models provide more connectivity for drivers than ever before. They have Wi-Fi fitted in the backseats and tablets for passengers, allowing you to control your own lighting and comfort, as well as entertainment, via infotainment screens on the backs of car seats. With Wi-Fi, BMW can also gather driver data, using it to aid their plans to develop an information-sharing network with Mercedes and Audi. This project is designed to enable the development of self-driving technologies.

Steptronic technologies

In the latest BMWs, you’ll find innovative steptronic technologies. According to Flux Magazine, a lifestyle publication, this gives you the ability to turn an automatic gear system in a BMW into a manual gear transmission at will, so you can shift gears up and down. With this system, you can also move gears without touching the stick, via keys which control the gears integrated into the steering wheel.

iDrive Gesture Control

iDrive Gesture Control is one of the most important features that come with newer BMWs. This technology gives you the ability to use different hand movements to accept phone calls, turn the volume up and more all via one home screen. In other words, the iDrive Gesture Control allows you to control many of your car’s critical functions, while keeping your eyes on the road.

Dynamic Traction Control

The latest BMWs have a fantastic safety feature in Dynamic Traction Control. This technology, which you can activate with the touch of a button, allows your car’s wheels to slip more, in order to improve traction in loose terrain or snowy conditions. The system was designed to help drivers cope with tougher conditions, where they need more control, but it can also be used for normal driving.

Dynamic Stability Control

Another useful safety tool you’ll find on newer BMW models is Dynamic Stability Control. This allows you to control your car more effectively in harsh driving conditions and on tough surfaces. It basically maximises the traction of the vehicle’s wheels on the road while you’re setting off and accelerating. This helps you to detect signs of oversteering during these times, so you can correct your course.

Top luxury cars

With this innovative technology, it’s not surprising that BMW topped luxury car charts worldwide in September 2016. The brand is constantly developing new ways to ensure you’re safe and comfortable while driving a BMW, supplying effective value for money. In order to really get your money’s worth when buying one of these newer BMWs, you might want to wait until they become available second-hand, through dealerships such as Big Motoring World, which sells top quality used BMWs.

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