Are you looking for a reliable family car? Think about buying the BMW X1, a small luxury SUV that blows competitors such as the Audi Q3 out of the water. BMW is currently preparing to release the 2016 X1, meaning that now is a really great time to purchase a used model, as prices are bound to go down. Big Motoring World reveals five reasons you should buy a BMW X1.

Large boots

No family car is complete without a large boot. Kids tend to come with a lot of baggage, so you’ll need plenty of space in your vehicle to store their stuff. You’ll be glad to hear that the BMW X1 has a really large boot, eclipsing that of the Audi Q3, with a square load bay and a wide opening. The X1’s boot also features an electric tailgate, so all you have to do is press a button to open or close the boot!

High safety standards

A major concern when buying a family car is safety. The safer your vehicle, the safer your kids will be on the road. Luckily for you, Euro NACP gave the X1 a full five star safety rating after test driving the model. Furthermore, all X1s include airbags in the front, side and at the head, as well as an alarm, immobiliser and remote central locking as standard, ensuring you are always safe in this vehicle!

Quality interiors

When driving long distances with the family, you will need to be comfortable to survive! BMW X1’s have extremely pleasant interiors, with high quality materials used throughout. These popular cars also feature BMW’s iDrive infotainment and navigation system, which is one of the best in the industry. The iDrive’s intuitive menus and great graphics make driving the X1 a dream!

Fantastic equipment

BMW X1s come with some fantastic equipment as standard. This includes satellite navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, rear parking sensors, 17 inch alloy wheels and dual-zone climate control. These models also possess back seats which can be split, folded and even reclined. So basically with a BMW X1, you can manipulate the rear seats to make more space, a key requirement for all family cars!

Wide engine options

Industry portal What Car notes that BMW X1s come with plenty of engine options. This means that you can buy the X1 that’s right you. The entry level 18d diesel engine is pretty popular. This engine provides you with plenty of pull from low revs and it’s also the most cost effective option by far!

Buying used X1s

If the BMW X1 sounds like the right vehicle for you and you’re shopping on a budget, why not go for a used model? For as little as £12,500 you can buy one of the earlier X1s – BMW started releasing the first generation in 2009. If you can stretch to roughly £12,500, you can purchase an updated post-2012 BMW X1 and drive away with a truly fantastic vehicle. As a car dealership which specialises in BMWs and Mercedes, you can purchase quality second hand BMW X1s from Big Motoring World now!

Big Motoring World

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