Meet the revised Mercedes Benz C-Class

We are now into July and with the first half of the year behind us, the next few weeks will see deliveries of Mercedes’ revised C-Class, but what has changed and what can we expect?

First announced back in January of this year Mercedes stated that the fourth generation C-Class would be on the receiving end of some changes as part of an extensive and wide-reaching revision to its lineup in 2018. A popular model in Mercedes’ portfolio, it is perfectly placed to take the battle to it’s rivals and is a more than capable contender to the likes of BMW’s 3 Series and Audi’s A4 which have both received a recent refresh.

So what’s new with the C-Class to stand out in a market segment that leaves the consumer spoilt for choice. First up there are the visual elements, whilst fairly small when compared against the outgoing model, these changes include reprofiled front and rear bumpers, the latest AMG pattern grille for customers that specify AMG styling and specifications when ordering and overhauled headlight clusters. All of these changes adding up to provide the C-Class with a refresh.

Small exterior changes aside, it’s the interior where Mercedes have let their designers off to express their creativity and it’s here where the more significant revisions can be witnessed. This includes a new multi-functional steering wheel, digital instrument clusters and the arrival of Mercedes Benz’s acclaimed 10.25-inch infotainment display which takes a prominent place on the dashboard and puts a majority of the vehicles vital information at the driver’s fingertips. These displays have started to appear across the Mercedes range and really do provide an intuitive experience.

What about the C-Class’s mechanical attributes I hear you ask? Well, this aspect has also seen attention and features the arrival of the new-generation turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines which have been refined to ensure emissions are reduced whilst delivering a small uplift in performance. Whilst there is no full electrification planned for the model at the moment, Mercedes did announce that the refreshed model will come in a range of hybrid iterations.

Whilst we eagerly await to see the revised C-Class appearing at our forecourts in the near future, you can browse our extensive range of Mercedes Benz models, which features the C-Class, over on our website.