Luxury German carmaker Mercedes-Benz is constantly releasing innovative new car technology, to enhance the driving experience for consumers. We recently saw what one of the brand’s new flagship models, the Mercedes-AMG GTR road car, can really do, when it was put to the test by a car magazine.

Fantastic plans

Mercedes has made it clear lately, that they are looking to create the cars of the future. The brand is increasingly moving, for example, into the self-driving car market, recently revealing that these vehicles will serve as personal assistants to consumers. This means that Mercedes’ autonomous vehicles could potentially carry out daily tasks, such as taking the kids to school, independently.

The brand also has some ambition plans in the near-term. Mercedes recently unveiled details on its new engines, bringing back inline six-cylinder units to improve drivability and energy efficiency. We also know that Mercedes will release new flagship models in 2017, like the Mercedes-AMG GTR car.

Setting records

Mercedes is marketing the AMG GTR, according to Top Gear, as the “Beast of the Green Hell” and “A Nürburgring king.” This model was inspired by the AMG GT3 race car, which already claimed these titles, by triumphing in the N24 earlier this year. We didn’t see evidence, however, that the Mercedes-AMG GTR can live up to this hype, until it was recently tested by Germany’s Sport Auto magazine.

Sport Auto trialled this 577bhp bi-turbo V8 Mercedes on its Nordschleife lap time test. This standard model hit a verified time of 7 minutes and 10.9 seconds, making it the fastest street-legal, rear-wheel drive vehicle to ever grace the ‘Ring. The test was conducted by Sport Auto’s Christian Gebhardt, meaning that it doesn’t count as an ‘official’ AMG lap time, as the company doesn’t do lap records.

Commenting, AMG boss Tobias Moers noted in November: “I don’t see value in doing lap records. Yes, we did one with the SLS Electric Drive, but that was a standard car. I always have some doubts if a manufacturer announces a new record.” Moers may change his mind after this trial. The Mercedes’-AMG GTR came in a full ten seconds faster than the Ferrari 488 GTB Rocket Ship. It came just behind the Nissan GT-R Nismo, which achieved a record of 7 minutes and 8.06 seconds back in 2014.

Hotly-anticipated car

By registering an ‘unofficial’ lap time record of 7 minutes and 10.9 seconds on the infamous Nürburgring, the Mercedes-AMG GTR has just made itself more appealing to car enthusiasts. It is becoming increasingly clear that the Mercedes-AMG GTR is one of the most hotly-anticipated cars of 2017, as it will give average consumers the chance to speed down roads like a race car driver!

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