The new Mercedes A Class is here and this time, there’s a Saloon variant

The launch of the new A-Class back in 2013 heralded a proper attempt by the German maker to take on the likes of BMW’s Mini and Audi’s A3. A compact premium hatchback the A-Class came with all the prestige and styling flair to that of more senior Mercedes models and proved to be a popular return for the previously dated looking model. Off the back of this success there’s now a new generation and this time there’s a saloon variant.

The reborn A-Class was and still is a major step change when compared directly up against the old car, of the same name, that it replaced. The market that this car is looking to succeed in is hotly contested by some of the automotive world’s biggest names not to mention Mercedes‘ German counterparts of BMW and Audi.

Happily, for Mercedes, the A-Class has proved to be a popular rebirth for the brand and has quickly become a strong seller for the brand. Coupling the practicalities and day to day usability of a hatchback whilst tethering this to Mercedes‘ design philosophy and the premium image has paid dividends for the A-Class and with the upcoming saloon variant, it looks set to carve out an additional market share for itself.

Upon first setting eyes on the saloon iteration, you are instantly absorbed by its flowing body profile. Whilst the A-Class hatchback didn’t lack any visual appeal, the saloon seemingly takes this already great design and adds an additional layer of flair. Not too dissimilar to the Mercedes CLA the A-Class clearly takes design inspiration here, but this is no bad thing.

The latest generation of the A-Class see’s subtle design revisions and these also carry over to the saloon. These tweaks and revisions include new front and rear light clusters, a subtly revised body line and re-profiled front and rear bumpers and grill. Whilst these subtle tweaks are minor in the grander scheme of things, these small visual refreshes ensure that this model retains its contemporary look and feel.

From an interior point of view, the saloon will not be too dissimilar from the hatchback variant and will make good use of Mercedes‘ new, 10.25-inch, information screens and large touchpad and leather pad in which appear in place of the outgoing, rotary control knob for the information systems.

From a mechanical specification point of view, the new A-Class saloon will take advantage of a range of all-new engines and includes a petrol 1.4-Litre turbo and a completely overhauled 1.5-Litre diesel engine. A more potent 221 bhp 2.0-Litre petrol engine is also featured in the lineup.

The A-Class saloon is a worthy addition to the wider Mercedes Benz family and looks to set to tackle its competitors head-on. We look forward to seeing the first examples appearing on our forecourt in the not so distant future. If you have had your appetite whetted for Mercedes Benz ownership in the meantime, why not take a moment to browse our extensive selection of quality Mercedes over on our website, here.