The BMW 3 Series has been refreshed, so what’s new?

The BMW 3 Series, a true stalwart in the BMW lineup and arguably one of the marques most popular vehicles of recent decades. Famed for its fantastic road handling, premium look and feel and daily versatility it’s not hard to see why this model sells so well. Off the back of this success there is a new, revised version, so what’s new?

Due to have a full reveal to the public in October, the new 3 series has been spotted out testing in heavy camouflage and you could be forgiven for thinking the car in disguise was a 5 Series, thanks to its apparent increase in size, something that has been happening to models of all manufacturers across the industry.

So we know it’s larger, but what else do we know? Well since this version of the 3 Series launched BMW has seen a new competitor enter the ring. Whereas before it was somewhat of a three-way battle for class honours between Mercedes’ C-Class, Audi’s A4 and itself, the 3 Series now finds itself up against a new, Italian rival in the form of the Alfa Romeo Giulia.

Now in a class in which potential customers are spoilt for choice the new 3 Series has taken the best of what went before it and then refined it further still. What we know from this latest iteration is that interior space has been increased. This is an area in which this car lagged behind its rivals and lacked a noticeable amount of space both front and rear. With this larger version, this interior conundrum has been addressed and allows for a considerably more roomier environment for both drivers and passengers to enjoy.

Whilst the new 3 Series is larger, do not fear, none of its acclaimed road handlings has been lost and, if anything, is an area which has been notably improved. Drawing upon a new rear-wheel-drive architecture, the new car is set to be 50% stiffer than its predecessor which can only mean good things when pushing the envelope through corners in this machine. New damper setups and suspension configurations also enhance the ride for the better.

It’s clear that BMW has considered the driver feel when it comes to this car and it had to when you consider the praise that gets poured over some of this cars rivals. The hotter versions of the new 3 Series take suspension trickery further with drivers being able to lower the vehicle’s ride height by a full 10mm. The new car has been tested extensively on Germany’s Nurburgring, so it has certainly developed somewhat of a pedigree throughout testing.

From an engine point of view, not much seems to have changed here with a majority of the mechanical architecture in the engines being carried forward, however, these powertrains have been refined and are muted to deliver a 5% improvement in fuel economy. The petrol engined variants also benefit from a new particulate filter and, of course as the automotive world moves towards an electrified future, naturally, there is room for hybrid options as the range develops.

Whilst the order of the day of the new BMW 3 Series is an evolution over revolution, the new 3 Series certainly deserves credit and has refinements to make what was an already rounded car even better.

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