Britain’s booming car industry has roared ahead of its rivals, and one in five new cars in the whole of Europe is now registered in the UK. Big Motoring World reviews the latest figures.

The number of new cars on Britain’s roads topped 872,000 in the first three months of 2015, the strongest start to a year for more than a decade.


The latest figures show a sharp rise in new cars registered in the UK, up 9% on last year’s figures. Jobs are on the increase in the industry as a result, which can only benefit the economy. Nissan alone, based in the North East, produces more cars than the whole of Italy.

There is a strong correlation between the number of cars sold each year and the wider economy, with people willing to splash the cash on a car as they become confident about their income and job prospects.

Market share

The number of new registrations has now topped the pre-crash levels, as Britain is the biggest growing car market of the four countries with the highest registrations. The European market grw 6%, with the UK alone rising by 9%. The UK was the second largest new car market in Europe in 2014, behind Germany. The UK accounted for one of every five cars registered in the UK, compared with a 14% market share in 2009.

A total of 9,046 new ultra-low emission vehicles were registered between the start of the year and the end of March, up 366% on those months of 2014. The majority of these vehicles were linked to eligibility for plug-in grants for cars and vans.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin told the Daily Mail: “These fantastic results show that our long-term economic plan is working, getting the economy growing and boosting people’s spending power. Labour’s great recession made everyone poorer but we are clearing up the mess they left behind.

“It’s good news for hardworking people and good news for the car industry which is creating jobs and supporting growth.

“The growth of ‎low emission vehicles is particularly encouraging as we get to grips with the challenge of air-pollution.”

In total, 872,104 new cars were registered in the first three months of this year, an increase of 73,000 on the previous figures. The figures show that 530,000 cars were made in the UK in the first quarter of the year, of which 135,000 were for sale in this country – a rise of almost 20 per cent on 2014.

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