• BMW 8-Series Convertible Review
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BMW 8-Series Convertible Review

Last year saw the triumphant return for an iconic name at BMW. Back after an absence of several years, the BMW 8 Series returned. A striking coupe body, the model brought a genuine Grand Tourer back to the BMW range.

Initially, on sale as just a coupe variant for the first few months, 2019 brings in the eagerly anticipated cabriolet variant. A car that’s long had visions of those dramatic and dreamy drives to the south of France, it’s somewhat fitting then that BMW has taken the top off.

A machine that's designed to soak up the miles, it’s pitched at the likes of the Porsche 911 and when it comes to the price tag that is certainly the case. Like Porsche however, with their convertible and Targa iterations, BMW has focused on the dynamics and driving thrill of the convertible 8 Series.

The 8 Series is a large car and as a Coupe could be described as a little bloated. Despite this, however, BMW has managed to deliver a chassis that possess both poise and ability and what remains to be seen in the convertible iteration is whether this poise has been retained.

What is clear however is that by taking the roof off hasn’t had any negative consequences. The 8 Series clearly suits having the roof removed and with it down, the 8 Series is certainly a handsome machine.

On display is the latest in BMW interior design which now extends across the BMW range and debuted on the 8 Series Coupe. New technology and the latest in BMW infotainment systems is here and this all adds up to a dynamic and immersive experience for both the driver and passengers alike.

The 8 Series cabriolet carries over the same powertrains to that of its coupe counterpart and these feature both petrol and diesel options. The range-topping 8 Series convertible comes with a potent 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 engine which is capable of delivering a mighty 523 bhp. Despite the increase in weight coming courtesy of the folding roof architecture, the convertible version sees just 0.2 seconds added to it’s standstill to 62 mph time which now sits at an impressive 3.7 seconds.

A grand tourer of great proportions, this car has the capability to delight and thrill. With the roof down, the amount of theatre is only increased and provides the perfect companion for which to take on those long summer drives. On sale now, we look forward to seeing the 8 Series at our dealerships in the not so distant future.

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