• BMW Enters The Performance Grand Tourer Arena: The BMW M8
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BMW Enters The Performance Grand Tourer Arena: The BMW M8

BMW’s M division has been on a roll over recent years. Whether it’s the BMW M2, M4 or Competition editions, BMW has been striking all the right notes and with the return of the 8-Series ushered in a natural addition to the M Division line up, the BMW M8.

Ever since the return of the BMW 8 Series was muted there had long been murmurings of whether this new grand tourer would feature a more hardcore performance variant. That speculation was put to an end with the arrival of the all-new M8.

Whilst based on the 8 Series grand tourer, it’s clear that the ‘M’ division has been given free rein on its performance styling with a range of M Performance Accessories adorning the exterior surfaces.

Starting at the front you have an aggressively profiled front splitter which is finished in carbon fibre, naturally. This is there to give this impressive beast more aerodynamic bite in the corners and this is subtly complemented by additional carbon work nestled into the front apron.

The M8 also features the now prominent M grille which is far more aggressively profiled to that of it’s more standard road-going counterparts. This grille sets some beautiful lines rearwards and these all culminate in a rear-end that also features additional detailing on the rear diffuser.

From a performance point of view, the M8 is certainly no shrinking violet and features an impressive powertrain. At its heart is a 4.4-litre V8 turbocharged engine which is capable of producing 616bhp and propelling this car on to a top speed of 189mph. Standstill to 62 mph comes in at 3.2 seconds. Furthermore, this ferocious power is shackled to an all-wheel-drive configuration to encourage extra grip and drivability.

Whilst this sounds like the ultimate recipe for driving thrills, all of this technology and ability comes at a price. Whilst this is one of the most powerful M cars, it’s also the most expensive in the marque's history with prices starting at an eye-watering £130,000. Worth the price tag? Time will ultimately tell.

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