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BMW Reveal M8 Competition

The BMW 8 Series returned to much critical acclaim last year and with it ended years of waiting for its return. With the new 8 Series now on sale new variants have joined the fore, most recently in convertible form. However, there's a new name to add to that growing portfolio and it comes in the guise of the M8 Competition.

The 8 Series was first teased last summer and formed a major statement piece on BMW’s stand at the major motoring events it attended. Featuring bold and dynamic new styling, we weren’t to know it at the time but back then these were major clues for the range refresh that we’ve seen being rolled out this year.

The pre-production 8 Series featured a larger grill and a radically different profile to anything BMW currently offered for sale. With the pre-production model being revealed to crowds it confirmed the news that the 8 Series was making a bold return after an absence of several years.

The original 8 Series of the 1990s was a bold attempt at a powerful grand tourer and was one of the first production cars to be fitted with a drive by wire throttle. Despite its impressive credentials, the original 8 Series was somewhat of a commercial flop and production ceased in 1999.

Fast forward nearly 20 years and the BMW 8 Series is back and firing on all cylinders. Gone are the outrageous engines and block work styling and in are lighter, smaller yet powerful engines and bold new dynamic styling.

The 8 Series arguably leads the BMW product portfolio from a number of angles and BMW bill this machine as a credible alternative to that of the Porsche 911.

Whilst that is a bold statement, putting up a relatively new machine against the recipe of the 911, which has been refined over decades, the 8 Series is able to state a real claim to this ambition and in the newly launched M8 Competition, this ambition is close to being realised.

BMW’s M badged machines have long been highly sought after and in the M8 the recipe of power and performance coupled with a comfortable grand touring chassis has been achieved. More than just mere styling tweaks the M8 uses the same 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 engine to that found in the M5 and power sits at 617bhp. With a power output this high, unrestricted, this car is good for 189 mph.

In addition to an already capable powertrain is its four-wheel drive ability and this can be disengaged to just rear wheels only for when the road allows the back end to step out. With deliveries starting this coming October we look forward to seeing the M8 out on Britain's roads.

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