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Discover The All-New BMW X5

No, do not adjust your sets, that is the face of BMW’s all-new BMW X5. Featuring a dramatic overhaul, the BMW X5 is dividing opinions. Whatever your viewpoint on this updated machine from BMW, one thing is clear, it’s set to be a best seller.

BMW cannot be accused of not being bold in some of their recent design meetings. In the new ‘X Range’ BMW has pushed the boundaries even further as the new X5 & X7 feature enormous grilles as their statement pieces with the latter featuring an even larger front end in comparison to the vehicle we’re shining the spotlight on today.

BMW has come under some flack for its recent design decisions. Whether this is fair or not largely depends on personal taste but what is clear is that after a while the design decisions coming out of Germany slowly start to make sense.

The new BMW X5 is a complete overhaul to what went before and is a total departure from the BMW X5 of old. Since the BMW X5 originally debuted, the world and its tastes have changed significantly. Today the best sellers are SUV’s and Crossovers. When the X5 was originally launched, this was a relative niche market segment with very little competition.

Today every major car manufacturer has an SUV. Even the likes of Lamborgini and Rolls Royce have got in on the action. With a high level of choice, especially in the premium SUV market, BMW had to reevaluate their position and come up with a machine that is more geared towards the Range Rover segment of the market.

Now on to its fourth incarnation, the BMW X5 is well established which probably makes an overhaul this significant a safe move. That large grille at the front heavily dictates the design for the rest of the car and from this flows heavy lines rearwards which tie together all the fundamental elements of the exterior design of this car.

Inside you’ll discover a brand-new interior. This is an element where perhaps BMW had become a little stale over recent years, however, the 2019 reset brings fresh, contemporary and modern interiors which are a breath of fresh air. Clearly designed to be more intuitive, ergonomic and modern, the interior on the new BMW X5 is an expression of BMW at its interior design best. It’s a comfortable and welcoming place to be whilst you take in the latest in BMW’s infotainment systems.

The new X5 will come in a variety of specifications with a choice of engines also available. It’s a capable machine in whichever trim you choose, however, go for a more top of the range engine and you’ll be able to keep up with some impressive company as the M50d iteration produces no less than 394 bhp.

Naturally, given this kind of power and considering it’s a machine of this scale, all X5’s in the range will come equipped with the revised versions of BMW’s xDrive system, and Driving Stability Control (DSC).

The recipe for the new X5 appears strong and we cannot wait to have the first used examples of this fantastic machine available for sale in the not so distant future.

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