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Discover The All New Mercedes Benz B-Class

Every model in the current Mercedes Benz range has undergone a major overhaul recently and the B-Class is no exception.

Traditionally one of the poorer Mercedes Benz machines to look at, the 2019 incarnation sees the model on the receiving end of some much-needed styling tweaks. This is more than just a minor cosmetic overhaul and the changes here are significant.

All new front and rear aprons are immediately apparent as are the new and heavily defined lines that now run up the bonnet and along the side of the B-Class. The B-Class is to all intents and purposes and inflated A-Class. Passenger comfort and safety is at the forefront over performance and all-out handling and this becomes apparent on the inside.

Gone is the interior design of the old model and incomes the latest in Mercedes Benz’s interior tech. Featuring the new and attention-grabbing dual digital displays, the B-Class is catapulted into the 21st century. Alongside this is a new steering wheel design, which is now present across the Mercedes Benz range, and revised interior options.

There's no denying the prestige elements to the B-Class, it's a very capable machine when it comes to comfort and equipment, however in a time where crossovers and SUVs are kings, it's easy to argue whether Mercedes is doing the right thing in continuing to develop the B-Class.

That said, since its introduction in 2005 Mercedes has sold over 1.5 Million units and continues to sell them well to this day. In addition, in a time when other manufacturers are abandoning their own development of the people carrier, Mercedes has the potential to tap into a sizeable market segment with the B-Class.

Whilst its chassis may not have the same poise of the A-Class, what the B-Class does provide is comfort, style and equipment at a very high standard. If practicality, the ability to carry luggage and the kids, all whilst doing so in comfort and at a premium level, the B-Class is a machine that’s hard to beat.

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