• More Details Revealed Around The New BMW M3
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More Details Revealed Around The New BMW M3

After a brief pause in its production thanks to European Union emissions laws, the BMW M3 makes a return this year to much fanfare. Whilst there has been much hype around this returning icon, details have remained sparse until now.

When you think of BMW most naturally your brain is going to conjure up images of the BMW M3. One of the most iconic M cars of all time, for many years the BMW M3 set the super saloon bar. A performance machine that quite often left its rivals standing, the M3 recipe has been continually refined in an effort to become the defacto performance saloon car.

Whilst the M3 has a legion of fans around the world, this famous model goes up against some strong competition which includes the work of fellow German counterparts, Mercedes-Benz and Audi.

From the three-pointed star, you have the menacing C63 AMG, a wailing and burbling monster. From the four rings, you have the RS4, refined in a typically Audi way, the RS4 makes the most of its four-wheel-drive powertrain.

So what of the new M3? As you can see it has some strong competition, but it’s clearly competition that BMW has been sizing up.

Well first off, it’s going to come formed in the new BMW 3 Series body. An already edgier design, the new 3 Series is all about angles and a more modern face. The front and rear end on the standard 3 Series have been heavily revised so expect an even more dramatic front and rear apron to house even more sporting elements.

In addition to the aesthetics, we also know that the new M3 will come in two variants. An entry-level model and a higher specified counterpart. These models will take advantage of two-wheel and four-wheel drive configurations with the base model sticking to the rear-wheel-drive recipe whilst the more highly specced xDrive models will feature power output at both axles. So whether you’re after some fun with the back end out or optimum traction, BMW will have you covered with the new M3.

We’ve talked about power delivery, but what about the actual power itself. Well, that will come from BMW’s acclaimed and brand new S58 engine. Power will come in at two levels, 480bhp in base trim and 510bhp in the Competition version. BMW has also stated that they will also produce a ‘purer manual stick shift option’ alongside the automatic boxes.

There’s much to be excited about with the new BMW M3. Whilst the model had gone missing from showrooms over the past year or so, what is clear is that in its absence, BMW has really taken their time with this car and the new M3 promises to be a new performance car leader whilst retaining the roots that made it so great.

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