• The Mercedes Benz AMG GTR
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The Mercedes Benz AMG GTR

Meet the Mercedes Benz AMG GTR. Fresh out of the German marques AMG division in Stuttgart the AMG GTR is a full fat, no-nonsense powerhouse and it’s fast, very fast indeed.

Mercedes’ AMG division has long had a tradition of shoehorning enormous engines into its proven chassis. It’s a recipe that delivers results and for decades now some of the most legendary Mercedes Benz models have worn the famous AMG badge.

Now there’s a new machine to add to that illustrious timeline, meet the AMG GTR for when the standard AMG GT just isn’t enough.

Introduced to the world at the 2016 edition of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the AMG GTR is a no holds barred machine. A rawer, more powerful version of its predecessor, the AMG GTR is all about power and performance as under the bonnet nestles a 577 bhp V8 engine which is capable of taking this machine up to 198 mph.

In addition to the mechanical gains, the AMG GTR features a range of visual tweaks and this includes the stunning carbon work on the front and rear splitters and additional aerodynamic features, also in carbon, on the front apron. The GTR also features a more heavily profiled grille and adjustable rear wing. These new details add to an already attractive profile as that elongated bonnet stretches out ahead of the driver.

On paper, this sounds like the perfect track car. A machine focused on performance, grip and drivability. Whilst many cars deliver in theory when it comes to being driven hard on the track,this is where many see their downfall. However, with the GTR this couldn’t be further from the truth.

During track testing earlier on in the year, the AMG GTR was clocked lapping the infamous Nürburgring Nordschleife track in 7:10.92. This at the time placed the GTR in seventh position for road-legal cars in 2019.

The AMG GTR has been a highly popular addition to the Mercedes Benz product lineup and it’s not hard to see why when you consider its driving thrills, visual appeal and theatrics thanks to that mighty V8 engine which lurks under that bonnet.

With a car this popular naturally it becomes a prime machine for a range of variants and as such, Mercedes-Benz now produces a saloon and convertible variant with the latter being limited to just 750 units worldwide.

The AMG GTR is a truly fantastic machine and is one that richly deserves the plaudits that it gets.

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