• The New BMW X7: Does Bigger Mean Better?
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The New BMW X7: Does Bigger Mean Better?

The BMW X7, the range-topper in the BMW X portfolio. It’s billed as a premium all-rounder, spacious, technologically advanced and capable. In a sea of premium SUV’s, what makes it stand out and what does it hold over the competition?

The BMW X7 is one of BMW’s latest machines to join their rapidly growing product portfolio. Launched at the back end of 2018 it was revealed to the world in a highly anticipated online reveal and saw the order books open earlier this year.

The BMW X7 is a true showcase of BMW at it’s SUV best. Recognising an emerging market segment, BMW had to act to join the space that is currently held by Land Rover and Porsche. The Range Rover and Porsche Macan and Cayenne currently dominate this market space and for Porsche alone, their SUV sales make up more orders in the books than their sports cars.

The X7 goes above the likes of the BMW X3 and X5. It’s bigger and more luxurious and represents a major step up over the aforementioned machines. However, if it’s to topple the likes of Porsche and Land Rover in the luxury SUV stakes, it has to deliver.

So lets first start by taking a look at the way that this machine looks. Immediately this is an imposing machine. Enormous in size, it measures in at a mighty 5.1 meters in length. Given the size of this SUV, it means that there is a vast amount of real estate to play with and BMW, from a design point of view, have used this in a prominent manner.

At the front of the X7 is that staple BMW dual kidney grille, however in a design move that has now started to roll out across the rest of the BMW range, this feature now dominates the front end. The grille is now the dominant feature and this element sets the design tone for the rest of the car.

The X7 is unashamedly big and on it’s first revealing to the world, it polarised opinion. However, as the rest of the updated BMW range has been rolled out, this design language starts to make sense and the result is a machine that certainly stands out from the crowd.

The interior reveals an all new and updated cabin. In, is new tech and infotainment systems and fresh new interior fixtures and fittings. This refreshed cabin is a major step up for BMW and aligns itself with some of the finest interiors currently available.

The new BMW X7 is a truly luxurious and capable machine. Whether it can steal sales away from the likes of Porsche and Land Rover remains to be seen, however, one thing is certain, you won’t be able to miss it out on Britain's roads.

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