• Thought the BMW M2 was enough? Meet the new M2 Competition
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Thought the BMW M2 was enough? Meet the new M2 Competition

In a growing trend which sees cars getting ever larger, the very essence of cars like the M3 has become diluted from what made them so special when they burst onto the automotive scene all those years ago. Whilst cars get bigger, BMW recently dropped in the M variant of the 2 Series to much critical acclaim and now there’s an M2 Competition which refines what an M2 is capable of.

For fans of the original M3, the M2 was somewhat of a return to form for the brand from Bavaria. A small chassis coupled to a rear wheel drive powertrain and refined for both road and track, the M2 instantly made an impression on those who drove it with motoring publications heralding the way it handled.

Seemingly nothing for BMW to enhance then, or was there? Not content with what they had produced BMW took the M2 and reviewed every single aspect. How could they take an already accomplished drivers car and make it even better?

The changes are more than cosmetic on the Competition but those changes are very much welcome. Adorning the front and rear are completely overhauled aprons which have been sculpted far more aggressively and feature enlarged cutouts for cooling at the front and neat packaging of the exhaust outlets at the rear. Those flared arches and competition alloy wheels give this car a real purposeful look, a stance that commands attention, a look that this thing means business, and it has every right to command this attention.

Under the bonnet, the M2 Competition features the twin-turbo six-cylinder from the M3 and M4. Already the Competition has more power to that of the standard M2 and it makes fantastic use of it. Featuring two turbos the M2 Competition can now turn out 404 BHP which is astonishing for a car of its class. To sharpen up the handling and to ensure that the power makes it to the road as efficiently as possible, a carbon-fibre V-brace features prominently around the engine bay to make the handling feel as razor sharp as possible.

The BMW M2 competition looks likely to the raise the bar and rewrite the BMW M car rulebook. In the case of the Competition, the best has just got better.

We look forward to the day when a Competition spec M2 rolls across our forecourt, however until then, we have a fantastic selection of BMW models which can be browsed over on our websitehere.