• Which SUV: Highlights Of The BMW SUV Range
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Which SUV: Highlights Of The BMW SUV Range

At Big Motoring World we love used BMW’s and we love BMW’s extensive range of SUV’s. With so much choice available, there has never been a better time to buy.

Naturally, as SUV’s and Crossovers become increasingly popular, it’s only natural that the worlds car makers will work to develop larger portfolios of their SUV models. In just a matter of years, BMW’s own line up has increased from just two SUV models to six, and this doesn’t take into account a range of variants of each.

When it comes to picking out a premium SUV you are quite literally spoilt for choice. Let’s take a very brief look at three of BMW’s most popular models.


The BMW X3 has been around for several years and is one of the smallest BMW SUV’s available. At it’s time it was one of the early pioneers of the ‘crossover’ variant. Naturally, it became one of BMW’s best-sellers thanks to its size and practicality. A range of great options also help the BMW X3 to standout and gives both comfort and driving thrills in equal measure.


Also one of the original BMW SUV’s the X5 has been around for a while now and has become a staple piece of BMW’s product portfolio. Purposeful in its styling, the X5 recipe has been continually tweaked and refined to what it is today. A smart machine to look at and a comfortable one to drive or be a passenger inside, the BMW X5 offers the perfect midway point for BMW SUV ownership and is arguably easier to live with day to day to that of it’s larger sibling...


The BMW X6 sits at the top of the BMW SUV tree. A handsome machine, it combines a coupe-like profile with the underpinnings of a capable and versatile powertrain. Coming with an extensive specifications list, the X6 is a worthy contender to the luxury SUV crown. Designed to take on the likes of the Porsche Macan, the luxury SUV space is hotly contested and the X6 stakes a real claim to stand out above the rest.

Whilst all three of the above may have some desirable attributes, if BMW ownership isn’t for you, then don’t fear. At Big Motoring World our group stock features over 2000 used cars from a whole host of manufacturers. From Toyota to Jaguar we are bound to have something for everyone so be sure to head over to our group website now, where you can start your Big Motoring World journey.